Enrollment Package (English)

Enrollment Requirements for New Students 2023-2024 School Year
Welcome to ACCLAIM Academy!

You are in the final phase of enrollment. You have:

  • spoken with one of our Enrollment Support Coordinators and
  • you believe that ACCLAIM is a good academic and behavioral fit for your child,
  • your child has completed STAR Reading and Math testing, and
  • you have been advised of the grade assignment determined by our Director.

Now, you need to provide the following documentation and complete the indicated forms. Registration is complete once the Records Secretary has reviewed all documentation with the student’s parent or legal guardian.

Please bring the following documents with you:

  • Parent’s/Guardian’s valid, government issued photo identification
  • Proof of Address (water, electric, gas, cable or phone bill, bank statement or lease/rental agreement)
  • Custody documentation (if relevant)
  • Student’s state Certified Birth Certificate


A certified copy of the pupil’s birth certificate.

Other reliable proof of the pupil’s identity and age, including the pupil’s baptismal certificate, an application for a social security number or original school registration records and an affidavit explaining the inability to provide a copy of the birth certificate.

  • Current Immunization Record
  • Withdrawal Form from previous school
  • Discipline Record (if student is enrolling in grades 4-8)
  • IEP (If student received Special Education Services at previous school/s)

ACCLAIM forms you will need to complete and return

  • Enrollment Form
  • Previous School Information
  • Arizona Residency Documentation or Affidavit of Shared Residence form


At ACCLAIM Academy, we believe in creating a diverse and inclusive community of learners. Our admissions process is designed to identify students who demonstrate intellectual curiosity, a strong work ethic, and a genuine desire to make a difference in their communities.